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Total AUDIO-VIDEO is a leading antivirus choice that offers entire protection from spyware and other forms of spy ware. The program seems to have several add-ons that are available by using a in-built installation technician or through the use of a web-based interface. There are numerous key attributes of Total AUDIO-VIDEO that distinguish this from other equivalent solutions. This information details one of these features – the security selection that is offered by the company.

Total AUDIO-VIDEO provides a 30-days free trial. This program offers three different reliability suites, every with different levels of safeguards and with differing variety of features to match all types of users. The normal version, the Essential Antivirus gives a limited license for merely one computer and comes with lowest protection from infections, trojans, spyware, privacy breach and the spyware. The Business Important Antivirus highly recommended for multiple computers and comes with numerous additional protection features which provide additional peace of mind about your organization data and financial resources.

An attribute that makes total av jump out is the threat dictionary. The program not only identifies dangers on your computer, nevertheless also takes away them out of your system. There are three distinct threats that are included in the book – Viruses (also generally known as Trojans), Adware (also generally known as bugs), plus the Spyware. These kinds of three varied threats could be identified and removed separately, or you may want to choose to power up the put together scanning option, which provides extra protection against the three different threats.

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