Who we are

You’re only as good as your last show.

Our staff’s talent, creativity and personalized service offer a refreshing, preferred alternative to mainstream event planning help. We focus our efforts and resources to meet the individualized goals and needs of each client.

Our commitment to delivering the “VIP Treatment” to every participant, whether they be support staff or the CEO, is at the heart of every program we are involved in, from high touch corporate incentive programs to inspiring group meeting travel and luxury events.

The customer experience MEETTECH provides is grounded in our flexible and adaptable approach. We value every detail of our client relationships, from our first conversations to far beyond the end of your meeting or event. Our measures of success are exclusively tied to the satisfaction of our clients — we aren’t satisfied until we deliver an unforgettable experience that you would otherwise be unable to create on your own.

Our technical team has a unique background. One started off on the audio side, a few came through theatrical lighting; one even went on tour with Rock Stars, one specialized in visulal technologies and 3D video animation products as well. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all have two things in common: impressive networking abilities and a grace-under-pressure work ethic they apply to all of their projects. In other words, you’re in good hands.

MEETTECH specializes in

  • Conferences and Sales Meetings
  • Convention programs
  • Congresses
  • Premier Customer Events Channel
  • Partner Programs
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • CEO and Executive Retreats

that require the highest level of service and attention to detail.


We will listen and help you create that reality utilizing two and three dimensional renderings to enhance the creative process. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our clients early in the process in order to fully realize their vision.